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What You Can Do

    1. Use reusable canvas or cloth bags.
    Reusable bags are more environmentally friendly than paper or plastic. Most grocery and big box stores now offer reusable bags for sale to customers. Keep them in your car for the next time you have to run out to shop.

    2. Say “No thank you.”
    Not all items require a bag so tell the clerk, “No thank you.” Carry small purchase items like a magazine, one piece of candy, or drink to the car instead of in a plastic bag. If you have more items, ask the store for a carton, or carry items in the cart to your car OR buy some reusable bags; If this happens often enough, you will automatically remember to keep bags in your car and to carry them into the store!!

    3. Reuse!
    Reuse the plastic bags you have. If you even reuse each of your bags once, you will cut down usage by 50%.

    4. Tell a friend.
    Get others to use reusable bags. Talk to them about the harm that plastic bags cause and direct them to this website to learn more about the ‘ban the bag’ movement in Darien.

    5. Tell a stranger.
    when you see someone walking into the grocery store without their own bags, or leaving the grocery store with a cart full of plastic bags, simply ask them if they’ve ever considered bringing their own reusable bags. Maybe, if you have an extra, you can share one of yours with them! Sometimes people just need a simple reminder! (taken from comments by jmg44)

Invitation to Bag It!

Choose to Reuse in Darien & The Darien Library
Invites you (and your friends and family)
To a Screening of the award-winning documentary
“Bag It!”
Thursday, October 27th at 7:00 pm
At the Darien Library
Reception to follow

Paper and Plastic Bag Facts