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Dear RTM Member,

I strongly support the proposal to ban the distribution of single use plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable shopping bags in Darien. Disposable single-use plastic shopping bags were introduced in the 1970s and Darien alone is estimated to use 6 million per year. As a concerned citizen and constituent of your District, I am writing to ask you to vote for the ordinance banning these bags.

As a town that values its waterfront, and prides itself on the attractiveness of our community, our choice to disallow the distribution of  plastic bags  in Darien supports these values, and  embodies a real desire to keep our town beautiful. In reducing the amount plastic rubbish in Darien, we also support the health of our environment and residents.

Single-use plastic bags present an insidious threat to our environment on multiple levels. Bags in trees, bushes and waterways are not only a blight to our town, but they also present a real danger to wildlife and our own health. In Darien and  Fairfield County, much of this plastic litter ends up in Long Island Sound where it photo-degrades, breaking  down into tiny toxic bits that are mistaken for food by the fish that we then eat. This is a situation which has escalated to a dangerous level in our oceans around the world.

Hundreds of cities, towns and countries around the world have taken the step to simply advocating — and legislating — the consumption of fewer single use plastic shopping bags, and the use of reusable ones. Here in our own neighborhood, Westport to our North and the City of Rye, NY to our South have both adopted this legislation.  It is estimated that each family will save about 1000 bags per year by adopting this change, collectively having an enormous and lasting impact.We want to be proud of Darien as a responsible leader and steward of our planet. Please do the right thing and ban further distribution of single use plastic shopping bags in Darien.

Don’t let this opportunity pass Darien by.



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