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Choose to Use Reusable Bags!

Choose to Reuse is proposing a town-wide ordinance to improve the environment in Darien and Long Island Sound by encouraging the use of reusable checkout bags and banning the distribution of plastic bags at the point of sale at retail outlets.
Read more about the Ordinance.

Why Ban Plastic Bags?
Plastic bags are easily replaced with reusable bags. They simply aren’t necessary. Because of the nature of the use and extremely light weight of plastic bags, they are often discarded into the environment and end up polluting our waterways, clogging sewers, endangering marine life and causing unsightly litter. Plastic bags collected for recycling often aren’t recycled at all, for various reasons. Either incinerated or disposed of in landfills, plastic bags, which are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum and natural gas, contaminate the air we breathe and the water we rely on.

Click here for even more information about plastic bags and the proposed ordinance for Darien.

And click here to hear what others are saying about banning plastic bags.

How you can help
Sign the petition.
Make your voice heard.
Contact your RTM member by phone or email.The RTM will be responsible for the vote to pass this ordinance.
Write letters to the editor to voice your position.
Remember to use your reusable bags and encourage others to do so.
Talk about it. Share this information with your neighbors or join the Choose to Reuse Team, so that together we are informed and can make a difference.

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