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Reusable Bag Design Contest Winners!

Winners of the Design Contest

The Choose to Reuse Design-a-Logo contest winners were announced on Saturday May 8th. A reception in their honor was held at the Darien Nature Center. Over 100 beautiful designs for reusable bags were on display.

The winning designs will also be on display at the Darien Sports Shop. Each winning design has been printed on a reusable bag and will be for sale at the Darien Sports Shop and Darien Nature Center.

The winners are as follows: Elena Cage, Sophie Cirillo, Maya Owainati. The honorable mentions are Megan Smith, Cheyenne Tilford, Cammie Lattimer, Claire Billeter, Rose Armstrong, Amina Mobarik, Nina Rodriguez, Grace Rodi and Juliet.


Top three bags winners from the Choose to Reuse Logo Contest show off their winning designs with First Selectman Dave Campbell.

Left to right: Elena Cage, Sophie Cirillo, First Selectman Dave Campbell and Maya Owainati

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